I have a long term goal of living on a block of land in the mountains in a little house and having a lucious veggie patch, fruit plants, chickens, goats and beehives. This desire to be self-sufficient might be in my genes- I’m part pacific islander and some of my family live off the food in their gardens, the forest and the sea. But the reality is that I’ve just finished a 10 year round the world work and travel stint so I haven’t got the funds to head for the hills just yet. I live in Brisbane and have a little apartment with a  partly sunny balcony. So I’ll have to start small. The great thing is that there are a bunch of options for urban gardening and I hope to try them out.  I have found ideas on the Internet and in books. This is my blog to track the hopeful evolution of my balcony  into a little food haven in sunny subtropical Brisbane.
My balcony started with a big yukka plant that I transplanted into a basket found on the side of the road. I bought  some catnip and catgrass for my little cat, Mr Finch. 

In the beginning , there was a sparse little balcony…