I found a great planter option called garden towers. There is a central perforated tube in a large planter tub where you can keep composting worms and add your compost directly to it. When the central tube is watered, the water flows through the composted matter and provides the plant roots with lovely nutrient- rich worm juice. Unfortunately for me, it’s only available in the North America so I kept searching to see if I could make one myself. I did find a mini version of it and a couple of weekends ago so I made two using large-ish olive tubs.

I planted only 3 sides and the top of one because it’s autumn and there isn’t as much sunlight. Seedlings I planted in the tub were basil, thyme, oregano, mint, lettuce, kale, tomato and a catnip cutting. Once I had everything planted out, I added worms and some blended kitchen waste. I also had to construct a makeshift little cage to keep Mr Finch and the possums out. This is just a temporary solution until I find or make something neater. 

In the second grow tub, I planted seeds just on 2 sides. Seeds I planted:cucumber, beans, snow peas, rocket, lettuce.

 So I wonder how they go!

See the instructions after the photos if you want to try on yourself.

Drilling large holes for the plants to pop out
Cutting the top off with a jig-saw!

Ready to put it all together with Mr Finch.
Mostly done. I added a tomato plant to the top.


  • Large plastic tub ( mine had olives from a deli)
  • Pipe slightly longer then the height of the tub with a diameter wide enough for your hand to go in.
  • A cap for the pipe
  • Potting mix
  • Bin bag
  • Seedlings
  • Composting worms


  • Drill
  • Drill bit to make approx. 1cm diameter holes
  • Drill attachment to make large holes, approx. 10cm
  • Jigsaw
  • Knife

What to do

  1. Drill lots of holes in the inner pipe.
  2. Drill the large holes in your large tub.
  3. Cut off the top with the jigsaw if you need to.
  4. Place the bin bag inside the tub (so the soil doesn’t fall out)
  5. Place the pipe in the centre.
  6. Add the soil around it to the top
  7. Starting with a lower plant hole, cut a cross in thee posed bin bag.
  8. Dig into the soil and plant one of the seedlings. 
  9. Continue with all the holes.
  10. Add some soil into the central tub.
  11. Add composting worms followed by some blended kitchen compost scraps.
  12. Water it well through the tube.

*I’m not sure if I should add drain holes at the bottom of the tubs. I might -it seems sensible.