The plants in the little composting grow tubs I made in my previous post are growing really well! However, I’m finding that there isn’t enough room for my kitchen scraps and it’s not always easy to blend them up before I add them. So I got Tumbleweed worm farm from Bunnings. It’s a good size for the balcony and can take the  amount of kitchen scraps we produce.

The great feature about this worm farm is that it has a little tap at the bottom so you can collect ‘worm juice’, a nutrient-rich leachate that is a brilliant natural free fertiliser.

I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and it doesn’t smell bad at all; there are some little fruit flies, but I’m sure they are just helping the process. It should take about 3 months for the worms to munch on all the stuff in the first tray.Then I will somehow switch trays and keep feeding them.

It’s cool to think that once my garden is in full swing, the scraps from the veggies I grew will go back to the worms who will the help the next veggies to grow!  

The ground coconut substrate that comes with the worm farm. Can you see the sneaky cat tail?
Release the worms! i got these from the worm compost at my school, but you can get them online or even at Bunnings!

Add the top blanket cover (otherwise known as first level cat proofing). This actually encourages the worms to go up to the top layer of fresh scraps.


And that’s it! The worm farm and worm juice maker.