I love pallets. Free sturdy wood! In the past,  I’ve made a (fairly rough) dining table, coffee table,  book display, vertical planter and now…. To add to my pallet constructions and balcony planter box. I got the instructions from YouTube and it was fairly easy to whip up in one afternoon. The hardest part of using pallets is desconstructing them; but once that is done, it’s just a quick cut, hammer and drill away from being whatever you want. 

I lined it with plastic and added some rocks along the bottom for clearer drainage. Then I dumped in some organic potting mix and the plants. I’m growing  lettuce, kale, parsley, cucumbers, and Lebanese zucchini. 

I added a mini greenhouse cover that I constructed, again using a tutorial from YouTube. 

Here’s my balcony planter: 

Sometimes it’s too hard to pull the planks off so I just cut them , which requires less force but takes longer.
You need to make three panels : front, back and bottom. Then you drill them together and, finally, you cut and attach bits of wood to make the sides. I also made drain holes and added some wood as ‘legs’ to elevate the box off the ground.
All planted! I added the plastic greenhouse cover, but I do need to make the ends a bit neater looking. I would also like to install a perforated pipe so that I can water it without always taking the cover off.