I needed another greenhouse to put the two composting planter tubs in so last week I made one.

I bought the bits of wood from Bunnings and the plastic from Spotlight. I also had to buy a 12mm woodworking drill bit. This is my very own design- yup, no YouTube tutorial this time. 👍🏽

After the painters finish working on the balcony, it will fit perfectly to the side, leaving space for the pallet planter box, mini greenhouse worm compost and all the other plants to come. 


I put together the sides first and stapled the PVC plastic sheet to them.
I inserted the sides into the long lengths with a dollop of liquid nails and it became 3D.
Stapled the sides , top and back with the plastic. The front is also covered with plastic but is attached with velcro.

The composting tubs fit in nicley with plenty of room to grow and I might possibly squish in some other pots. It will evetually be located on the side so that it doesn’t feel like it takes up a lot of space.